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Hey There

Davis Ferguson was founded by Tracie Brown in 2020. Named after Tracie’s grandmother and mother, Davis Ferguson is a family-forward interior design and home staging firm that prioritizes the artistry of designing home aesthetics to maximize quality of life for our clients.

All About Me

After successfully designing countless homes for over 35 years while simultaneously managing a full-time career as a healthcare professional, our founder Tracie has turned her passion into a second profession, founding Davis Ferguson and launching their signature service, Keys to Cash™. Tracie spent years making house calls as a physician, and she is proud to continue to do so now as a flipper, stager, designer and host. When Tracie first enters a client’s home, she diagnoses the problem and provides a unique, holistic approach toward treatment that satisfies the home’s design needs in balance with the homeowner’s financial boundaries. At Davis Ferguson, we believe everyone deserves to live in an atmosphere in which they feel that they not only belong but are beloved.

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